Digital Strategy That Drives Adoption

Anyone can build a digital product, but few get to experience the full potential of their creation. Getting a Proof of Concept (POC) to market was difficult enough. You likely bootstrapped the business and relied on the experience you’ve acquired to this point in your career, in addition to your professional network. Up until now, growth has happened organically. You build the product around a small user community and a set of very specific problems that you saw needed solutions. You want (and need) to accelerate growth but interest in your product may not be the only problem. Driving adoption and developing a business model that’s built around and guided by product strategy is imperative to you reaching next level growth.

Whether it’s transforming your business through a digital transformation initiative or launching a product with the potential to change the world, you need a roadmap that takes you from vision to reality.

The biggest reason products fail to deliver returns is associated with the reluctance to change the business model that got you started when you realize it can’t take you where you want to go. It’s incredibly difficult to change as you grow. Founders or CEOs of early stage businesses are often so ingrained in every process and aspect of the business it not only feels impossible to step back – it feels RISKY. Leaders in legacy enterprises face an even steeper uphill climb; the deep organizational change that’s required to introduce digital products into the customer experience, operation, and supply chain.

We begin with the product FIRST. We use a codified process that ensures we have a comprehensive and constantly evolving understanding of three things:

The customer segments you’re in today.

The customer segments you want to be in tomorrow.

The unique personas that fall within each.

This helps to identify how well you know your customers, their day-to-day journeys, their pain points, and the broader ecosystem your product exists within. It also flushes out opportunities for engagement, conversion, adoption, and upsell that you may not have considered.

The challenges of growing a business through digital productization

Building, launching, marketing, driving adoption, and retaining users of digital products brings unique obstacles to overcome. This is due in part to influencing factors far outside your industry or realm of control. Global adoption of digital technologies by consumers now influences how people buy, adopt, and what they expect to experience in their journey. Even more troublesome, is the rate at which the global bar continues to rise. These challenges are shared whether you’re a SaaS company or you are a legacy enterprise looking to transform and modernize your business. Do any of the scenarios below sound familiar to you?

Revenue numbers are falling short of projections after deals close.
What worked before is now causing service failures
Your product is less relevant to the segments you're targeting
It's taking a lot more effort to support clients as you grow
Your pipeline is shrinking, or you aren't converting
You're struggling to keep up with the competitors in your space

There’s a perception that digital technologies, products, and services can be layered on top of old infrastructure, processes, or tools without having to make a lot of change. In fact, the opposite is almost always true. You may be able to get started with a small audience, but pushing your team to the next level of growth almost always requires internal organizational change as well as managing (and negotiating) change with your clients and partners. Many successful leaders underestimate the effort involved with change and client management. Implementations almost always take longer than planned and traditional methods of sales, marketing, operational delivery, and business management fall short of what’s needed to effectively grow digital product companies.

The solution involves a product-first roadmap

Our process begins with evaluating your current state and identifying all the ways you have won up until this point. We capture your voice, mission, and values and identify the opportunities to streamline without compromising any part of your customer’s experience. From there, we look at the intelligence your business is providing you, fill the gaps and ensure you have the tools at your disposal to make timely operational and financial decisions to improve performance, profitability and cash flow. Finally, we get you to the fun part, looking out at the horizon and building a competitive strategy that cycles you through regular periods of growth and scalability – until you say stop.

The key is not to replace you, or the high-touch model you’ve built, but rather to support you at this stage.  You’ve accomplished a lot so far; We want to build upon this success and implement the technology, systems, and processes that will enable your company to accomplish far more than it can on its own. The moment you can step back from the operator mindset, is the moment you can shift back into the creative, entrepreneurial mode that you enjoyed when you first got started. This is exactly the headspace you need to be in to set your sights on the future. 

You can’t outwork or hire your way out of this problem.

Hitting a wall with a founding business model is inevitable, and the only way to punch through it is to evolve your systems and processes to grow with you. Whether you’re a SaaS company, or your incorporating digital products into a legacy business, our mission is to help business leaders shatter whatever ceilings need shattering and leverage technology to become the dominant market player. As digital product strategists offering Fractional Chief Growth Officer (CGO) services, we check all the boxes required for developing a holistic, 360-degree growth strategy. What’s more, is our ability to roll up our sleeves and help you implement it, optimize your business, and then shift focus to the horizon. If any of this resonates with you, you have a hell of a lot to be proud of!

If you’re ready to transform and scale your business for next stage growth, we’re ready to step in and help.

Your success should be congratulated and celebrated. Your story is one that should be shared, and deserves a second volume.