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Christina Wrobel-Holt

ExecuSense, LLC was founded in 2014 by Christina Wrobel-Holt, PMP. Christina provides management consulting focused in digital strategy and digital transformation. She helps transform small and mid-sized businesses with B2B revenue ranging from 50mm-750mm, operating for more than 10 years, who have experienced slowing growth rates combined with SG&A exceeding 30%. The leaders she supports know they need to invest in digital products and experiences to grow; however, organizational change, business process automation, and data refinement are almost always required to guarantee success.

Christina addresses the complexity and perceived cost of a business’ evolution, which often presents as a reluctance to move forward. The age and interconnected nature of her clients’ legacy processes and technologies require a strategic and balanced roadmap to address internal and external transformation simultaneously. This roadmap must also contemplate how to deliver incremental value over time to offset continuous improvement costs.

With over 20 years experience in business strategy, analysis, and IT program/project management associated with various digital technologies, Christina brings a passion and discipline for process management. As a PMP-certified project manager since 2016, she is no stranger to change management. She balances futuristic ideation while protecting existing customers, partners, suppliers and employees. Most importantly, Christina has a deep affinity for transforming businesses alongside management teams who are inspired to control their own destiny. Christina reduces risk in the most complex and challenging transformation initiatives.


Digital strategy assessments with a roadmap deliverable can usually be completed in 4-6 weeks at a fixed price. Timing varies depending on your team’s size and availability. If desired, your existing digital partners can be included in the discovery process to accelerate planning and estimation. There are pros and cons for doing this which we will discuss together. Examples of digital partners include companies offering IT services, brand strategy, UI/UX design, copywriting or digital marketing. If you don’t have these partnerships in place yet, don’t worry, resource planning and staff augmentation will happen once the roadmap is complete.

In addition to projects, Christina offers advisory services for fractional roles such as Chief Product Officer (CPO), Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Chief Growth Officer (CGO) and offers fully outsourced Program Management Office (PMO) services. Retainers for fractional advisory services begin at 10 hours per month.

Christina can provide hands-on tactical support from day one while gradually decreasing her role over time. This is achieved through internal training, process re-engineering, professional development and establishing strategic KPIs and analytics frameworks for mid-management to function independently. She works with you to evolve, one transformation at a time and measure ROI incrementally to ensure you have a positive story to tell.

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From Digital Technology to Change Management

Business Development

At ExecuSense, LLC, we take a multi-faceted approach to business development. We’re experienced in CRM strategy, customer segmentation, persona development, analytics, SEO/SEM and content strategy. We help you formulate a plan that will meet your needs today as well as in the future. We understand the need to closely manage (and be able to calculate) Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and keep overhead low. When working on business development, we dive into your customer data and formulate strategies for going after new segments. Digital business development is heavily rooted in data and measurement.

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Process Re-engineering

As a full-service digital strategy management consulting firm, we take a holistic look at your business. ExecuSense, LLC offers end-to-end business process analysis to identify operational gaps and opportunities for scaling, as well as best practices in risk management. Through automation, creation of key operational KPIs or the build-out of a fully functional operational data store, we help drive efficiency early on and free up resources (both human and capital) to be put back into the business. In fact, most of the areas we focus on begins with a current-state process map and a current-state experience map. This allows us to ensure we transition things smoothly to minimize the impact of change.

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Product Strategy

From concept through development and product marketing, we live in a world of user journeys, persona development and product management. We understand that digital products are most successful when they deliver rich functionality and intuitive user experiences but, ensuring your products solve real problems for a thoroughly researched and well defined user can make all the difference in its success. The “if you build it they will come” approach usually fails. Product strategy ensures (and insures) WHEN you build it, customers engage, convert and stay!

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Digital Marketing

Social Media, website presence, content strategy, content creation, email marketing, app notifications, cross-platform marketing and the like can make navigating marketing feel overwhelming. AI and search engines are changing daily and let us not forget about the importance of SEO before putting money into in paid campaigns! Now, with the addition of ChatGPT and other rapidly AI products, it isn’t a matter of IF these algorithms are used but more of which ones. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing. We help you develop a plan that fits your business goals, your industry, your service offering and your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and we tie it into your roadmap where it makes the most sense.

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We help you build the ultimate roadmap to success

Digital Strategy & Transformation

ExecuSense, LLC offers executive level management consulting services for digital strategy development as well as hands-on management of your plan’s execution. This includes but is not limited to, goal definition, current-state and future state analysis both internal and customer facing and a comprehensive gap analysis. We build your roadmap, phase the work and help you build a budget you can trust. Whether you are seeking to raise capital or are planning early for your exit strategy; a digital strategy roadmap is an investment that can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in re-work, increases valuation and accelerates scalable growth. We also focus heavily on budgeting, cash flow management and change management. These three areas don’t get enough attention even though they can cause significant disruption to existing teams. Change is only possible with the help of our people and it’s important they are considered from day one.

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RFP Management

ExecuSense, LLC offers full end-to-end management of the RFP or proposal process. As part of your digital roadmap, resource gaps will be identified and will need to be filled. This will look different depending on the size of your company and your available budget. Some clients choose to hire new employees to fill these gaps while others outsource to partners who can adapt to the needs of their business over time. If you’re hiring for new roles, such as product managers, we can help with job description definitions and helping you determine where they fit in your team. For IT services providers or digital ad agencies, we know the KPIs to be baked into contracts and because switching costs are so high, we represent your interests to help you build healthy, long-lasting relationships with your partners.

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Product Management Consulting

ExecuSense, LLC can provide you with product management services or train internal team members to assume this role. The right product manager for your team will depend on where your product management processes have matured to. Product management is an accountability layer that ensures long-term health and profitability of your product stack. It is heavily guided by KPIs, embedded analytics and metrics, and is critical to making sure IT, Marketing and Operations teams remain aligned and lean. Product managers must possess experience in application development as well as the behavioral science of the users they represent. They must also be value-driven contributors who understand products must serve both the end customer and the business.

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Project Management Consulting

The best ideas require experience and discipline to bring them into reality. Efficient project delivery requires effective planning, communication, estimation of effort, as well as the right personality. It also requires the use of modern tools to ensure project team members feel and stay connected! ExecuSense, LLC’s management consultancy offers over 20 years experience in PMP-Certified Program Management, Project Management, SCRUM, Agile and change management.

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Our Mission

“To be your trusted strategy partner, your advocate and a hands-on management consultant through the design and execution of a digital-first strategy, resulting in your growth and profitability goals being met.”

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