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We’ve built a network centered around digital products, productization, and the challenges the world is facing as technology propels us forward.

We’ve built a community of dedicated professionals who are entirely focused on growing and scaling product companies. Whether it’s a monetized product (SaaS) or you’re introducing digital products into your core service offerings to transform your customer experience, operational efficiency, or connect your supplier network, we help each other, share best practices, and connect one another to tested and trusted suppliers in the managed services, software development, automation, analytics, and marketing spaces. If you’re committed to developing a holistic roadmap that guarantees success, this is the group for you! 

This group meets monthly. Topics will change each month with one prioritized topic, followed by an engaging community dialogue around productization, product development, user adoption, B2B sales and implementations, pivoting from B2C to B2B (and vice versa), managing product backlogs, best practices in cross-platform analytics, managing investors, juggling resources in two-sided marketplaces, supplier marketing, organic product upsell, pricing strategies, and more! You won’t want to miss this. 

We’re bringing together clients and suppliers alike, to have open and honest conversations around innovation that minimize disruption, grease the wheels of growth, and position our businesses to remain lean and scalable well into the future.