Christina Wrobel-Holt, PMP, Digital Strategist and Organizational Change Agent

ExecuSense, LLC’s DNA:

Who We Are

ExecuSense, LLC, founded by Christina Wrobel-Holt, is a digital consulting agency based in Frederick, MD specializing in transforming traditional businesses into digital businesses. Christina works with her clients to form a strategy that aligns with where they are but will grow with them. She educates on the latest trends and best practices and serves as a trusted partner with a roll-up-the-sleeves approach getting things done. Engagements vary, but include everything from digital marketing (SEO/SEM) large-scale transformation initiatives, product development builds, UI/UX usability audits and business process re-engineering studies.

Christina believes in democratizing technology and helping entrepreneurs make informed decisions about what they need, what they don’t and where to begin.

What We're About

We are a different type of consulting agency. To us, digital strategy is more than just marketing or technology. Digital cuts across IT, Operations, Sales and Marketing and is 100% aligned with business objectives. It’s more than websites and apps. Digital focuses on the touch points between businesses, customers, employees and downstream suppliers and ensures that every investment supports business goals. It holds a magnifying glass to the experiences that are had and not just the processes. While process refinement is important, “experience engineering” is where it’s at for us. This is where the magic happens!

Why We Do It

Why do we care about experiences? Rich experiences have proven to sell. They attract repeat customers, retain talented employees, and generate referrals. Experience can make or break a brand. When a company shifts its entire culture to caring about experiences, it transforms everything from Sales, Client Success, IT and Delivery.

Christina Wrobel-Holt guides her clients through a series of steps that help owners, founders and c-level executives build two very important things: A vision for the future and a tactical plan to make that vision a reality. This repeatable process has proven successful for dozens of businesses is the life-passion of its founder. Breaking down traditional silos and reforming connected, aligned and inspired teams is one of the most rewarding things about the work.

My Approach:

I Listen.

I encourage my clients to never undervalue the institutional knowledge of their existing team. Knowledge of what doesn’t work or what can be improved upon is sometimes dismissed by consultants who come in claiming to have all the answers. I dive into this space and do so quickly. Not only does it fast-track the learning phases and make discovery more efficient, but it helps to establish trust and a professional rapport with the existing team. This is a time investment that will pay dividends later in your program when it’s time to begin executing against a plan. I don’t just evaluate systems and processes, I evaluate people too.


I meet you where you are.

Our process includes a PLAN GROW SCALE approach to continuous growth and improvement, as an extension of your team, in whatever phase of planning or execution you are in. This cycle is not always linear and starting points may vary. What’s important, is to remain balanced. Too much planning and not enough growth is bad. Too much growth without stopping to measure the effects on the business is bad.


I’ll stay as long as I’m needed.

I don’t outsource. I help you determine what you need and can help you bring in the right IT Services, Managed Services or Digital Marketing partners based on the resource gaps that fall out in the discovery process. I help you build the strategic plan, conduct the gritty analysis that’s needed to calculate ROI and dig in to your team’s processes so I can recommend the best sequence to match your needs. I also educate and show you or your team how to live without me. If there’s an area missing a level of governance or tools that can help to provide ongoing transparency and measurement, those are the areas I’ll focus on. I understand that change must be digested in phases which means my engagement will increase or decrease through each cycle or project in your program.

About The Founder:

President and Principal Consultant
Christina Wrobel-Holt, PMP

ExecuSense, LLC was formed in 2014 by Christina Wrobel-Holt with the goal of creating a business model that demystifies and simplifies digital, digital marketing and technologies that empower businesses to grow. A life-long problem solver, she has worked up and down various organizations in countless roles and has a passion for streamlining business processes and delivering value.

Christina has built her career on the following principles: “Volunteer for the job no one wants to do, do it better than anyone expected it could be done, streamline it until you are no longer needed and never be afraid of working your way out of the job you created. When that’s done, go find your next challenge.”

If you would like to learn more, check out the ExecuSense blog, “The Digital Diaries” for great content on all things digital!

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