Program & Project Management

Whether it's a small R&D Project, a competitive analysis or a large-scale product development program, we have the project management acumen and discipline to deliver.

Our Project Management Values:


As a project or program manager, we work as an extension of your team. Our brand of project management is not for everyone. If you want someone who quietly checks boxes and reports the news (good and bad) that isn’t us. We don’t give progress reports, we make progress happen! We are very hands on with our clients and will engage with your team in a collaborative manner. Daily 15 minute check-ins are preferred to once a week status calls. If there is an issue, you will know about it in real-time so we can discuss remediation options and stick the schedule AND the budget. We are also experienced and will not hesitate to offer more than one option to any given problem. We educate and keep our project teams engaged from start to completion.


Transparency is critically important to us. We want you to feel good about the work we are doing and the progress being made. From initial SOW to project completion, weekly updates and progress towards goals is critical. We solicit feedback on what is going well and what we could be doing better.


Success to us is measured in outcomes. We focus on the intention behind the project and what the effort means to the business. We help in setting the goal, but we speak in terms of end results and what they should look like. If you need to build a new website, there is a reason. You may be looking to increase sales, improve your organic SEO and generate more leads to grow your business. The goal is to fuel that growth, not simply launch a new website. In other cases, may the launch of the website is the goal. Perhaps you are looking for a brand refresh and a tool to serve as a sales enablement resource for your business development team. We manage to the why and work with our clients to help them focus on the elements that will get them to where they want to be.


We are familiar and comfortable using heavier project management tools such as Microsoft Project; however, for most engagements, we prefer lighter and more collaborative tools such as along with real-time messaging services of your choice. If you are a Microsoft Teams shop or a G-Suite operation, we can work with whatever you prefer from JIRA to Slack and beyond. We understand our clients have internal security protocols to be met and will work with you to ensure your data is secured at all times.

Project Management

PMI Certified For A Strong Foundation

ExecuSense, LLC offers PMI Certified Project Management and adheres to PMBOK principles in project or program management. While the certifications are helpful, nothing can substitute real-world experience. Project Management is less about crafting a plan and ensuring things flow smoothly according to plan. Project Management prepares leaders for the moment that things go wrong – which they inevitably will. We are trained to anticipate challenges, not avoid them. We guide our clients through timely decision making to ensure projects remain on-track and deliverables flow without sacrificing the desired outcome. Most importantly we work together to ensure that, once reach the end, we all know precisely how we arrived there.

5 Stages Of Project Management


You officially kick off the effort and agree to move forward.


Budgeting, Scoping & Resource Planning. Set S.M.A.R.T goals and C.L.E.A.R goals!


Work is happening!

Monitoring & Controlling

Risk Management & Mitigation and day-to-day managing of the team and all activities.


Retrospective review. Reconcile hours. Close out all contracts.

Project Management Examples To Get You Thinking…

Contracting and RFPs

Contracting & RFP Management

Some of our clients need help getting started with selecting a vendor. If your IT shop is small or you use a managed IT services group for your day-to-day IT Operations support, you may need to contract with a development team to build a new product, modify your tech stack or implement a SaaS solution. Many of our client need a little help structuring a Request For Quote (RFQ) or Request For Proposal (RFP). This ensures you are able to evaluate your vendors or suppliers objectively and you benefit from learning during the process.

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PMO Services

As your project management acumen matures, you may reach a point where it makes sense to implement a Program Management Office (PMO). A PMO can be a single person or a team of individuals who consolidate a portfolio of several projects company-wide and manage the resources (financial and personnel) at a higher level. The look and feel of a PMO in your business will be unique depending on your needs. A PMO keeps business stakeholders in check to ensure that resources are not being over-committed and projects go through added due diligence to ensure success. Your PMO will likely have a direct line to your executive leadership and will run steering committee meetings to ensure there is organizational alignment across the project portfolio. We can help you structure your PMO in a way that is efficient. We can also serve as a de-facto PMO or provide guidance to new PMOs as needed.

Product Development

Application Development Modernization Programs

When it comes to digital transformation within an organization, we love working with engineering and application development teams to help them learn, implement and fully adopt more modern tools and practices to support digital strategies. Alignment to PMO teams and Marketing teams is key. Utilizing cloud-based technologies connect team members in remote locations and adopting practices like Agile and Scrum ensure the team can move quickly, learn and correct course quickly. Before you consider outsourcing an existing team with years of institutional knowledge, consider internal modernization programs to re-tool and re-train valued members of your existing team.

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