RFP Management Services

Experienced and Objective RFP Management Services

ExecuSense, LLC offers Requests For Proposal (RFP) management services when assistance is needed with digital transformation RFPs. As your digital transformation coach, we look at the current digital landscape, digital footprint, and construct a roadmap to guide the team prior to moving forward. We provide the necessary experience and objectivity not only to help you source the right partners for your digital journey, but also to provide experienced insights along the way.

We have over 20 years of experience running digital transformation initiatives as well as a deep comfort level with the information technology and business managed services industries. This allows us to help you to assemble a team in a way that ensures you get the most value out of your investment. Ultimately, we’re here to represent YOU.

As soon as your suppliers are in place, we can transition our responsibilities to internal project teams. Additionally, we can assist in building your project management governance or continue to act an outsourced Program Management Office (PMO) for you.

We work with you and your digital transformation partners to increase value.

Digital transformation is everywhere and nowhere.

According to Digital Commerce 360, the US will spend $4.4 trillion on digital transformation this year, so it shouldn’t surprise us to see the term “digital transformation” attached to digital services across IT, managed services, marketing, and SaaS. In the digital ecosystem, there are many facets, including staff augmentation, migration of cloud infrastructure, marketing solutions, analytics platforms, SEO, API development, and website development. Your digital transformation RFP will require thoughtful scoping from what may seem like an endless menu of products and services.

Building blocks Image

To keep stakeholders engaged, your digital transformation RFP should result in a program that will deliver value over time. Having transparency into the way things are done is also critical. Similar to the way a general contractor subcontracts work in construction, many vendors subcontract work. To ensure quality control, milestones, SLAs, and incentives need to be built into your contracts.

Additionally, the budgeting process can be tricky. In many cases, IT Services companies are experts at evaluating technology infrastructure and digital products and can provide comprehensive plans and estimates, but an aspect that is often overlooked is how to do this in a way that works for your business. Often, leaders fail to realize they must demonstrate incremental value to keep programs funded for long periods of time, obtain board approval, and manage monthly cashflows. We reduce stress, friction, and drag on the team by planning for the needs of these audiences ahead of time.

Lastly, we consider change management when preparing digital transformation RFPs. Understanding your team’s limitations and the pace at which they can digest change are often overlooked. Introducing Agile or Scrum into an organization may sound like a great idea. However, if you don’t understand velocity expectations and what the business will do to maintain them, it can be a problem.

We provide objectivity and represent YOU throughout the process.

In order to ensure your team’s success, we educate and prepare you for the road ahead. We ensure that the digital transformation companies who are interested in gaining you as a customer understand your vision and definition of success. Our responsibility is to you and you alone.

Our approach managing digital transformation RFPs:

Every customer is unique, which requires a high degree of flexibility when running their digital transformation RFP. The variability and scope of the RFP is relies upon several factors including budget, the availability of key team members, and the amount of internal analysis already completed. As we mentioned above, it also depends on the goals.

A high level example of the process is provided below. Each stage requires client review and approval to make sure we’re on the same page.

1st Phase

Define the goal(s)

Define the goal(s)

Assess Resources (constraints and advantages)

Current-state digital blueprint

2nd Phase

Define weighted criteria

Write RFP

Build Vendor List

Obtain approval on all of above

3rd Phase

Send vendor invitations

Receive vendor responses

Receive proposals & schedule presentations

Respond to clarifications

4th Phase

Present executive summary & review short list

Finalize scope & budget

Award contract to vendor

Work begins

Before you kick off your digital transformation RFP…

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